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One of our core concepts is that the back end will be based on WCF -- this is partly for functionality, and partly to motivate the Open Source developers that are writing it, because we like the idea of using this to further our familiarity with the technology. However, there will be a Web front-end, and one of the questions that has come up is whether the Web UI "View" Layer should talk to the controller layer exclusively through WCF.

Here's the tentative answer:

The web front end should be written so that it could communicate with the server exclusively through WCF. It should be written against the WCF interface, but for now, it can have a direct reference to the WCF "server" implementation, so that it doesn't need to use networking to "communicate" with the view layer. This way, if the need arises later on for the web UI to be moved to a different server than the service is running on, it should be a matter of a few tweaks to the code to run it remotely.

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