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We are currently handling verb/noun by using tagging, and I think that's the way it should stay ... it doesn't provide referential integrity, but since we're not concerned with preventing multiple people from writing a dozen different implementations of Get-Web or Send-Tweet, that's not a problem.

Basically, this is how it works: if you upload a script module that has three functions or cmdlets in it:
  • Add-Widget
  • Get-Widget
  • Remove-Widget

You would need to specify these names to the PowerShell-specific upload UI (or cmdlet) and it would be stored with the following tags:
  • Noun:Widget
  • Verb:Add
  • Verb:Get
  • Verb:Remove

The idea is that the cmdlets and WebUI will make it so you don't have to be particularly aware of that by allowing you to "Search by Noun" and then taking your noun and doing a tag search by Noun:YourNoun

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